Auditorium, exhibition, laboratories, restaurant, kitchen, meeting room, rehab center:






Erba (CO)


Built volume:

11.000 m³


Total cost:

5.500.000 €





Noivoiloro is a private no-profit Association for the care of the disabled persons.  Because of total lack of public funding, 80% of activities is organized to finance 20% for direct assistance to disabled people. This has transformed it into the most important civic centre of the city in which a lot of activities are developed, from a cafe/ restaurant with professional kitchen, a theater and “open-air” feasts populated by thousands of people in summer, dance laboratory, exhibitions, graphic workshop,  working activities, temporary residences and offices for re-education to the job.   In order to financial difficulties is thought as built by steps, with big programmatic flexibility, and as a sort of patchwork, with different material in order to the contribution of private “friends” companies and factories.

The 80% of surface is made by plaster, other by transparent or back-painted glass, Uglas and iron. It is located in a difficult environment in a predominantly industrial vocation, facing a “strip of loisir” with new urban functions related to entertainment. The ground of excavation is maintained into the area and the modification of its shape becomes foundational for the project, drawing two large central open space for outdoor festivals, shaped like green dunes as acoustic and visual barriers, to hide the surrounding industries, hosting people during the shows and hosting cars on the parking slope. Inside these dunes are placed the buildings;  The complex develops itself around three principal directions that are deformed in the third dimension. In the roof of the theater every line is different and not orthogonal, neither in the plan, neither in the third dimension, except for the middle one. The roof of the building produces a folding that repeats in all the buildings: in every part it assumes a different meaning and measure.  This way, in the theater the shape of the roof means the breakup of the sound, in the restaurant it brings the difference of the level of the the ground, in another part  makes domestic the figure of temporary house, finally in the laboratories it is the traditional shape of the shed. The stage opens on three parts, one to the inside and twice outside. On the part that leans out on the dance floor, the building under the ventilated wall in back-painted glass, as some Renaissance buildings, it has a carved out bench thought for the sitting of the "dames" waiting for the invitation to the dance by gentlemen as in the popular tradition of this.  The interface with the “strip of the loisir” on the principal road, is an image that produces mutable relationships. It appears and disappears with the reflexes of the light on the UGLAS in the different hours of the day. It born in the relationship with the movement of the cars that race fast on the road. The big writing "moves" in the transverse sights; frontally it disappears. It changes color (red-on-white and white-on-red) according to the sense of the run.  In the night it doesn't exist, but the lights of the cars dazzle its reflector joints.

These open spaces have immediately been successful, so that In summertime thousands of people  have populated the squares.

For 28 evenings during the first season, have been organized concerts, shows, dances, feasts cooking traditional local and national dishes and theatrical representations from the group of disabled people that, without any public financing, have given birth to the greatest civic center of the whole territory almost organizing 100 events.

As if the sufferings of these people were not enough, during the construction of the first building there have been great problems with the builders  that has tried to swindle this no-profit association.

Part of the structure of this building has been demolished and pieces of reinforced concrete  has been set in the flooring of the plaza as a sort of “archaeological memory”  of this suffering and the victory of the  weakness on the arrogance.

Some of these are pure graphic signs, others have become the bases for the tents of the kitchens during the open air festivals.